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Israeli spy paedophile thrown out of Australia

Expelled diplomat linked to US secrets

ASIO has cracked a spy ring in Canberra after tailing an Israeli diplomat who was suspected of being an agent of Mossad, Israel's espionage service.

Amir Lati, the second secretary at the Israeli Embassy, was secretly expelled from Australia last month.

He is known to have seduced a senior Defence Department official who is believed to have had access to classified documents.

It is believed he intended to use the woman to gain US intelligence and military technology given to Australia.

The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation put the junior Israeli diplomat and other embassy officials under surveillance after he visited two suspected Israeli spies who were arrested in New Zealand.

The scandal has rocked Canberra's intelligence community, and Defence has launched a major investigation into the affair.

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    A DIPLOMAT who was due to replace an alleged Mossad spy in Canberra was reportedly photographed nude with under-age girls when on a posting to Brazil five years ago.
    Israeli newspaper Haaretz said the country's foreign ministry is now holding off sending the new consul to Australia.

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