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Dr David Kelly - Evidence Points to Assassination

Dr Kelly, a leading weapons expert for the British government, exposed the case for conquering Iraq as a pack of lies. He told the truth about a fake dossier of evidence against Iraq. The most senior men in Britain's government and intelligence service had written and approved a fake dossier of evidence against Iraq, and thanks to Dr Kelly the whole world knows it.

Kelly knew that his life as well as his job were in danger, and told friends that he might soon be found "dead in the woods". Soon afterwards his nightmare came true, in a case that has all the hallmarks of an assassination. Who else but agents of the British establishment would have the motive and the opportunity to kill David Kelly and coordinate a cover-up on this scale?

* A full-scale search for David Kelly was launched as soon as he was reported missing, although in most cases the police wait 24 hours.

* The members of the search party who first found David Kelly's body were stopped on their way to raise the alarm by three men in black suits claiming to be detectives. The "detectives" produced official identification and were last seen walking toward David Kelly's corpse. The police deny any knowledge of these men and they have never been identified. Who were they, and what were they doing near the body BEFORE it had been reported by those who found it?

* Numerous eye-witnesses report seeing men in combat clothing at the scene of crime, not only after the body was found, but also THE DAY BEFORE!

* The police file on the case, labelled "Operation Mason", is an official secret and nobody is allowed to see it. The date on the file is that of the day BEFORE Kelly died.

* Before the official inquiry there was a break-in at the surgery of David Kelly's dentist. All that was taken were Kelly's dental records! After the body had been identified by DNA testing at the police laboratories, the dental records reappeared!!

* The paramedics at the scene insist to this day that Kelly could not possibly have bled to death, because there were only small traces of blood. The official inquiry ignored their evidence and concluded that he died from loss of blood!

* David Kelly was left-handed, but his left wrist was cut! This alone would prevent a verdict of suicide in a court of law or in a full inquest, on grounds of reasonable doubt. Furthermore, if he cut the arteries of his own left wrist, the initial large spurt of blood would have saturated his right hand, but that hand was clean! There was clearly another party involved.

* The evidence suggesting suicide, namely a knife and a bottle of water found at the scene, only appeared AFTER the body was found! Eye-witnesses from the search party insist that no knife or bottle was present when the body was found. These items only appeared after the untraceable "detectives" visited the scene.

* Leading experts insist that neither the injury or the pills would have been fatal.

* When the search party found Kelly's body he was lying in an awkward position with his left hand bent backward "awkwardly" which would be consistent with a man held in an arm lock until he died by a strong man trained in restraining techniques. When the real police arrived he was sitting upright! Who would interfere with a scene of crime?

* Cutting the wrists is only a common method of suicide in the minds of the public. In reality it is so rare that officially and statistically it never happens at all. It is a popular method of attempted suicide, but such attempts fail for well-known medical reasons. Nobody has ever attempted to use an old or blunt knife before, let alone with the wrong hand, as Dr Kelly is supposed to have done.

* Despite the high-profile nature of the case, and the highly questionable circumstances surrounding this death, the authorities refuse to conduct a proper independent inquest.

In the shadowy world of espionage, Dr Kelly was seen as a traitor and a threat. Tens of thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of British troops have died in the push to conquer Iraq. They had no reason to spare one man like David Kelly who dared to challange the Establishment agenda.


Daily mail, "Paramedics question Kelly verdict", pp 26-27, 14 December 2004.
[ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=330485 ]
    Two medics who were among the first to see the dead body of Government weapons expert Dr David Kelly said they were "surprised" by the verdict of his death.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 14 December 2004.

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