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British TV documentary traces Illuminati insider to Hertford

*** A major regional newspaper in Britain reveals that an investigation as part of a forthcoming television documentary has traced a member of the Illuminati to Hertford, a small affluent town in the rural county of Hertfordshire, located on the northern boundary of London. The previous edition of the same weekly newspaper reported recently uncovered local connections with the Knights Templar, a powerful sect with roots dating back at least as far as the medieval Crusades. The documentary is due to be broadcast in the UK at 9 PM on Thursday, 23 September, on Rupert Murdoch's flagship Satellite TV Channel, Sky One. ***

A SINISTER secret society said to control the world’s governments has members living in Hertford, according to a documentary to be aired on Sky One next week.

The Mercury can exclusively reveal that it will claim the mysterious sect, the Illuminati, rumoured to involve bankers, power brokers and politicians, may have an underground base in the town.

Formed in Bavaria in 1776, the group’s high-powered members are said to include George W Bush and his presidential rival John Kerry, who joined Yale University’s Skull and Bones club, a branch of the sect.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the society is “bent on world domination” in a shadowy behind-the-scenes bid to control us.

As part of Sky’s series on conspiracy theories, journalist Danny Wallace met with Hertford man and insider Tim Acheson, in a bid to meet an Illuminatus.

Tim belongs to a high-ranking family in the Knights Templar, a powerful society of warrior monks which dates back to the Crusades — and who still meet at a secret location in the town.

But he denied a link with former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson, a well-known Templar, who was in President Harry S Truman’s inner circle during the 1950s.

Cryptically, he told the Mercury: “I cannot talk about my family connections. The older members of secret societies want to keep them secret, whereas some of the new blood is a bit more open.

“I do know two members of the Illuminati who live here, but I must protect their identities.

“There are powerful and dangerous forces at work here and I cannot risk getting on the wrong side of them.”

The Mercury was given a sneak preview of The Illuminati — Our Secret Masters, which will be aired on Sky One next Thursday at 9pm.

Tim, a reporter for conspiracy theory website www.theinsider.org, is seen driving through Bull Plain, Fore Street, Railway Street and St Andrew Street in Hertford with the TV presenter.

They drive to a deserted industrial estate near the town and wait for the shadowy figure to turn up — but Wilson begins to think that he’s been led on a wild goose chase.

Finally Tim returns to say his contact has “got cold feet” and backed off meeting the press.

Speaking to the Mercury this week, Tim said: “It is very difficult to get them to reveal themselves, as you can understand, but I hope that it may happen at a later date.”

And he promised to reveal more of Hertford’s hidden secrets. He said: “Hertford is very important as a centre of mystery and intrigue, more than most people realise.”

Next week’s programme is one in a four-part series on conspiracy theories showing every Thursday in September.

Picture: Secret past? Egyptian House in Fore Street, now home to Lussmans Eatery, is believed to have been a meeting place of secret society the Knights Templar of Aquarius.


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    ROYSTON Cave may hold the key in the search for the Holy Grail, the famous quest for Christ’s chalice dating back to Biblical times.
    Grail hunters are set to flock to the historic site following the publication of best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.
    The book has fuelled enormous interest in the grail, believed to have been used by Christ at the Last Supper and by Joseph of Arimathea to collect Christ’s blood on the cross.
    On the trail are places where ancient fellowship of warriors the Knights Templar held sway — and Royston Cave is just one of the places in Hertfordshire which is steeped in Templar lore.
    Unexcavated parts of the popular attraction may hold clues to the mystery and some people think there is a distinct possibility the ancient relic is hidden in one of the unexplored caverns.

ALSO: Royston and Buntingford Mercury, front page, 10 September 2004.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 16 September 2004.

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