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Neoconservatives predicted 9/11

In September 2000, the Project for the New American Century published a report, called "REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century," urgently calling for America's military strength to be substantially increased.

The report concludes that to fulfil these goals quickly enough would require some great disaster:

    "Further, the process of transformation,
    even if it brings revolutionary change, is
    likely to be a long one, absent some
    catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
    new Pearl Harbor."

Exactly one year later, on 11 September 2001, they got exactly what they needed. Is this just yet another 9/11 coincidence, or does it sound like 9/11 was somehow expected or even planed in advance?

At the end of PNAC's statement of principles is a list of the right-wing politicians who admit to being involved with the project. These elite men each have direct or indirect influence on US government policy and the US President. Among them are Richard Cheney (US Vice President), Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Secretary of Defense), Jeb Bush (President Bush's cousin), and Dan Quayle (former Vice President).  With friends in such high places, what PNAC wants, PNAC gets. Thus, PNAC has effectively infiltrated the system of government in the USA.

The USA is already by far the world's most powerful nation, with an arsenal of weapons sufficient to destroy all life on Earth many times over, yet PNAC is complaining that not enough money has been spent on the military:

    "...the Pentagon, constrained by
    limited budgets and pressing current
    missions, has seen funding for experimentation
    and transformation crowded out
    in recent years. Spending on military
    research and development has been reduced
    dramatically over the past decade."

America's new enemy operates in small groups, like al-Qaida, which cannot be fought with conventional military campaigns. Unless we are expecting some almighty conflict in the foreseeable future, why should more tax-payers' money be spent making the military even stronger? Do the men at PNAC know something that we don't?


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"The Insider" mailing list article, 13 June 2004.

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