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European Enlargement - Toward the One World Government

This week the European Union revealed an official Constitution for the United States of Europe:

This follows the recent news that ten new countries have become member states of the Euro:

The news is bound to instigate a new round of official debate over European unification issues, but while the details of the unification of nations under a single government will be discussed in the media spotlight, there will never be any question about whether or not globalisation will proceed. If globalisation continues until its inevitable conclusion, eventually it can only result in the unification of all nations on Earth.

The European Union is not a democracy, because no Euro politician or Euro M.P., nor any European President or E.U. leader, has ever been elected or voted for by the general public. Yet the European Parliament is in control of the official government of the countries in Europe. The European Parliament has the final say in deciding laws which apply to every E.U. member states, and the European Court is higher than any national court and has the final say in enforcing law in all member states.

Is the New World Order just a conspiracy theory, or is there truly a secret agenda to unite the world under a single government, a single currency, a single legal system, and perhaps even a single religion? What happens to countries which do not wish to participate in the United Nations or the New World Order? What will happens next after the process globalisation is complete?

Globalization is an internationalist process which transcends nationality, so who controls it and who is behind it?

"The Insider" mailing list article, 29 October 2002.

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