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09 May 2009 British MPs exposed for corruption in 'expenses' claims
07 May 2009 US air strike in Afghanistan kills 120 civilians -- mainly women and children
27 Apr 2009 World prepares for flu pandemic that could kill millions of people
27 Apr 2009 UK government to monitor all internet use, after secret collusion with online ad corporation
22 Apr 2009 Latest UK 'terror raid' exposed as a propaganda stunt, as all 12 men arrested are relased -- everybody turned out to be innocent Muslims as usual
08 Apr 2009 British prime minister announces 'new world order' after G20 summit 2009
07 Apr 2009 Italian authorities stopped expert who tried to warn victims before earthquake
24 Mar 2009 List of war crimes committed by 'Israel' in Gaza continues to grow
20 Mar 2009 Israeli soldiers wear T-shirts printed with jokes about murdering pregnant Muslim women and Palestinian babies
19 Mar 2009 Former President of Israel charged with rape and other crimes
10 Mar 2009 Chinese navy ships surrounds US navy ship in China Sea
09 Mar 2009 North Korea threatens full-scale war as USA threatens to shoot down test rocket
17 Feb 2009 Former MI5 chief accuses UK government of using 'terrorism' to control the public through fear
17 Feb 2009 Tony Blair receives $1,000,000 reward from a Jewish/Zionist organisation in Israel
26 Jan 2009 BBC refuses to broadcast appeal by charities trying to help victims of Israel in Gaza
26 Jan 2009 Israel has devastated the Gaza strip, destroying homes and factories along with much of the civilian infrastructure
21 Jan 2009 BBC radio presenter Chris Moyles criticised for joking about a celebrity TV show on which the Holocaust was a prominent topic
16 Jan 2009 Zionist MP admits Israeli regime is like the Nazis under Hitler
15 Jan 2009 'Israel' bombs UN aid headquarters in Gaza with white phosphorus (a war crime)
07 Jan 2009 'Israel' bombs UN school in Gaza, a massacre of Palestinian children
18 Sep 2008 British regime allowed IRA terrorist attacks during North Sea oil bonanza
31 Aug 2008 David Kelly's closest female confidante on why he COULDN'T have killed himself
28 Aug 2008 Man jailed for Lockerbie terrorist attack was framed by police
15 Aug 2008 Israeli generals behind Georgia's failed invasion of South Ossetia
10 Aug 2008 Russian military intervenes to prevent 'genocide' but the US regime sides with Georgia
05 Aug 2008 Britain's top police chief: Sir Ian Blair - a corrupt liar?
03 Aug 2008 British TV programmes funded by the government -- propaganda and brainwashing exposed
02 Aug 2008 Top American scientist responsible for 'terror alert' Anthrax murders conveniently dies in 'suicide'
02 Aug 2008 Islamic youths in America at 'paramilitary' training camp in remote woodland in New York state
31 Jul 2008 British Gas increases prices on household bills by 35% forcing thousands of people into poverty - when its profits are up by 500%
02 Jul 2008 Britain caused the problems in Zimbabwe, and Mugabe is a byproduct of the British empire
28 Jun 2008 The era of oil wars has begun
26 Jun 2008 Iraq's colonial status is now official, as the US regime hands-over all of the nation's oil to western corporations
26 Jun 2008 Arms industry lobby exposed: lobbyists have covert access to British politicians
25 Jun 2008 British UFO inquiry called-for after multiple incidents witnessed by police, military, and public (reports, photos and videos)
20 Jun 2008 Israeli military training to bomb nuclear reactor at Iranian electricity generation facility
16 Jun 2008 Prince William initiated becomes a Knight of the Garter
06 Jun 2008 UFOs crash into Romanian fighter jet and caputured on video
05 Jun 2008 Next US president, Obama, pledges allegiance to Israel
05 Jun 2008 America's secret plan to control Iraq forever, exposed by British newspaper
30 May 2008 American junk-food corporation Dunkin Donuts bans TV ad because chef wore 'terror scarf'
29 May 2008 Former US official Bolton escapes citizens arrest for Iraq war crimes
26 May 2008 Israel deports American intellectual for criticising the government
26 May 2008 Former US President Jimmy Carter condemns illegal occupation of Palestine as 'greatest human rights crimes on earth', and confirms Israel had 150 nukes by 1980s
20 May 2008 US Army Radio reports plan to attack Iran before Bush ends his presedential term
15 May 2008 US president visits Israel to celebrate ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation
07 May 2008 Next pandemic could be the end of western civilisation
23 Apr 2008 Jewish-American caught spying on America, passing military secrets to Israel
23 Apr 2008 Hillary Clinton threatens to 'totally obliterate' Iran if it defends its self against Israel using nuclear weapons
21 Apr 2008 US regime spying on British public through CCTV cameras, thanks to latest new UK 'terror' law

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