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08 Aug 2019 Rendlesham Forest witness admits receiving antimatter formula during UFO encounter
28 Jan 2014 Your own technology is spying on you
14 Aug 2013 Newton and Einstein: prophets of progress
14 Dec 2012 Meteor wave -- asteroid activity is increasing dramatically
13 Jun 2012 Former British prime minister confirms media manipulation of government
29 May 2012 BBC photo of Syria massacre exposed as fake
25 Apr 2012 Murdoch media mogul family reveal their control over UK government
30 Mar 2012 Did 'dark arts' MI6 agents kill the spy found dead in a bag?
16 Oct 2011 Mossad controlling British military through Liam Fox (Secretary of Defence) and Adam Werritty (his 'friend')
12 Oct 2011 News media manipulation exposed by freelance journalist's Twitter rant
26 Aug 2011 The Insider -- a retrospective on our operations from 2000-2005
06 Aug 2011 'UFO' incidents at US nuclear missile facilities
29 Jul 2011 USA in financial meltdown -- but Israel still wants more money
21 Jul 2011 Israeli spy cell exposed in New Zealand (again) after earthquake crushed their van
09 Jul 2011 British prime minister admits cosy secret relationship between media corporations
02 May 2011 US regime claims to have killed Osama bin Laden
08 Feb 2011 UK regime and big corporations covertly introducing a semi-criminal money-laundering economy
22 Aug 2010 Israel's manipulation of US media exposed
14 Aug 2010 Medical and legal experts launch new call for an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly
28 Jul 2010 British Prime Minister admits Israel uses Palestine as 'a prison camp'
28 Jul 2010 Former chief UN weapons inspector: US regime was 'high for war' in Iraq and 'thought they could get away with it'
27 Jul 2010 90,000 secret US military documents leaked on web, documenting NATO war crimes in Afghanistan and other classified information
26 Jul 2010 US/UK war-crimes in Iraq: a few more examples
26 Jul 2010 Iraq war inquiry: UN expert exposes UK government cover-up
25 Jul 2010 Russian intelligence officer says Dr Kelly was assassinated
01 Jun 2010 Giant hole opens in Guatemala during storm
31 May 2010 Israel deploys nuclear missile submarines to Iran
31 May 2010 Israeli commandos murder 15 peace campaigners bringing humanitarian aid to Palestine
24 May 2010 Israel secretly trying to sell nucleear weapons
10 Apr 2010 Is the end of the world imminent?
25 Mar 2010 Russian supersonic Blackjack nuclear bombers intercepted over UK by RAF Tornado fighters
21 Mar 2010 British government is controlled by lobbying by the powerful, through blatant corruption
19 Mar 2010 Tony Blair's secret oil industry links revealed
11 Mar 2010 Hundreds of birds fall from sky, dead
17 Feb 2010 Israel murders Hamas official in Dubai hotel, using stolen identities and fake passports
25 Jan 2010 Evidence that WMD expert Dr Kelly was assassinated by UK intelligence officially secret for 70 years
18 Jan 2010 US military in Haiti prevented French aid aircraft from landing
18 Jan 2010 A quarter of British voters want Tony Blair on trial for war crimes
13 Jan 2010 Iraq war was illegal, Dutch government declares
13 Jan 2010 British High Court declares police anti-terrorism powers illegal
13 Jan 2010 Bomb kills physics scientist in Iran -- Israeli and American agents suspected
30 Nov 2009 Blair knew Iraq invasion would be illegal, secret letter reveals
29 Oct 2009 Israel is denying Palestinians clean water -- an obvious war-crime
29 Oct 2009 French president, Sarkozy, in his EU presidency, wasted 250,000 on a temporary luxury shower unit -- which he never used
18 Oct 2009 Tony Blair personally earning millions from Iraq war contacts
07 Oct 2009 King Arthur's castle may have been near London, and Hertford Castle built with stones from Camelot
07 Sep 2009 Israeli military kills Palestinians and harvests their organs
06 Aug 2009 Corrupt Brazillian TV host politician arranged murders to boost ratings of his show
23 Jul 2009 Hundreds of FBI agents arrest powerful American Jews involved in international Jewish conspiracy
20 May 2009 FBI creates fake New York terror plot, keeping the 'war on terror' in the headlines

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