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  • Russia now knows the location of Turkey's air defense radar and SAM missiles, and the jammable radar frequencies used by this NATO ally. [@theinsider_org]
  • Typhoons, scrambled from a Scottish base, intercepted two Russian nuclear bombers off the coast of Scotland. The... http://t.co/XbF9NsJA5q [@UAS1707]
  • World: Has a new Cold War started? It sure looks that way.... http://t.co/OY38cQDRDl [@JohnDPotes]
  • Turkish military officials say Russian warplane shot down after warnings it was violating airspace https://t.co/z7VxuLHSzd [@BBCBreaking]
  • Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after Paris attacks - Israel News, Ynetnews https://t.co/jwdTu2Ah1i [@sonyapryr]
  • Kid Puts A Firecracker In A Manhole, Regrets It Instantly! https://t.co/naLEI6XmX7 [@Last_Patriots]
  • Spy agencies to recruit extra 1,900 staff https://t.co/RWSdETxSKN [@FT]
  • Tiny protein 'compasses' found in fruit flies - and potentially humans https://t.co/LoUy4CyKn5 [@guardian]
  • Earth has mass extinctions every 30 million years, coinciding with galactic rotation, and the next event is now due: https://t.co/gGSBmZu7NK [@theinsider_org]
  • The US is worried that American cash is flowing to ISIS and #Iran from the Fed https://t.co/mtYNgEOFGg https://t.co/EN6lrXYu5b [@The_News_DIVA]
  • Warming set to breach 1C threshold - https://t.co/MDSOwNJsii [@rbmelanie]
  • Aliens? Stargate? - Egypt pyramids scan finds mystery heat spots - https://t.co/Jy91G2ZFhe [@rbmelanie]
  • UN privacy chief: UK #IPbill is 'worse than scary' https://t.co/6KINxLDUha https://t.co/tQBXegG0z6 [@WiredUK]
  • Kremlin denies damning claims of widespread doping scandal in Russia https://t.co/P1WitvMwLs [@mashable]
  • Fear of the government makes Americans more likely to reach for a gun https://t.co/1sI5r2KXqn [@qz]
  • Under-cover Met Police set fire to car at #MillionMaskMarch in London in agent provocateur attack. https://t.co/mqVnPbNGzm [@Anon_Online]
  • How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move https://t.co/VWviImdfaG https://t.co/wINefzuLj4 [@AnonOpsSE]
  • Pro-#Palestinian Hackers Took over Twitter Account of Israeli Ha'aretz Newspaper https://t.co/vdjgdzH91z https://t.co/5Pd5przJiD [@AnonRRD]
  • Fast Broadband To Be Classed a Fundamental Right in the UK https://t.co/tUDRZLifzZ [@AnonOpsSE]
  • Israeli officer to #Palestinian refugee camp: "We will gas you until you die" https://t.co/23gX35AD3M [@AnonOpsSE]
  • Snowden surveillance revelations drive UK and US policy in opposite directions. From @guardian's @ewenmacaskill https://t.co/QuFDs8IJWN [@Sulliview]
  • The world's largest atom smasher probes highest energies yet https://t.co/z9HcikNuFF via @LiveScience https://t.co/ByO8jbNAUt [@mashable]
  • US-run @martinoticias, bastion of Cold War animosity, is an obstacle for US and Cuba- my piece http://t.co/PnmvWTb9QM http://t.co/Sj5YVkVqoG [@cjmcgoogan]
  • The Russian Navy has a seemingly renewed interest in the U.S.'s undersea communications: https://t.co/Qzp37Fghcj https://t.co/bKfBIl3W9D [@ForbesTech]
  • 9 out of 10 websites are sharing your data: https://t.co/aq0KReYcws [@kirstensalyer]
  • New U.K. surveillance law will log users’ online activity https://t.co/g6NFe617ds https://t.co/9sFUApcUxa [@TechCrunch]
  • Anti-capitalist protesters call for 'revolution' in central London #MillionMaskMarch https://t.co/qMaaOCmUZa https://t.co/oEaazmTt1t [@standardnews]
  • I need this on a laser pointer sized beamer, so I can project it on walls during meetings https://t.co/u8hcKDEpjf [@jensschauder]
  • If you only read one article about Prop F and Bay Area housing, it should be this epic work: https://t.co/GMNrmtOGu8 [@evacide]
  • 2015 Million Mask March - https://t.co/95ZkzLL5Kz #MMM2015 #Anonymous https://t.co/V2qwaDu8rA [@AnonOpsSE]
  • More...
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New World Order New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum
The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you're looking for the facts, this website is a good place to start.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
The US government has a hidden agenda. Every intelligent adult on the planet should be aware of PNAC. An elite group of senior American neoconservatives are changing the course of history.
Who is behind it?   What is the agenda?
United Nations (UN) - One World Government? United Nations - One World Government
UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:-
      "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."
UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
Christopher Columbus - Santa Maria The Prophecies of Christopher Columbus
Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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