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  • Huge story breaking in Italy. Putin agreed to a request from Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini to covertly finance hi… [@David_K_Clark]
  • As #NASA ramp up their efforts to find alien life, and consolidate diverse research efforts into their new Center f… [@nickpopemod]
  • This recent #UFO documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in these phenomena: "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & F… [@theanalysis_net]
  • This was the curtain-raiser I wrote yesterday on the final report of parliament's inquiry into fake news, published… [@carolecadwalla]
  • Just one day after a media article quoted me calling for the UK government's #UFO program to be re-opened (and spec… [@nickpopemod]
  • NEW: Cambridge Analytica employee who worked on Brexit is subpoeaned by Robert Mueller. This is BIG. Brittany Kaise… [@carolecadwalla]
  • Should the British government re-open its #UFO project? Does the UK Ministry of Defence still investigate #UFOs - b… [@nickpopemod]
  • Some... Might not want you to know, But the truth is coming, #CAPELGREEN!! Find out more:… [@CapelGreen]
  • Here's a brand new interview - conducted by @Th_Unidentified - where I do a deep dive into the latest revelations a… [@nickpopemod]
  • The DIA told Congress that #AATIP was an intelligence assessment of far-term aviation threats, but was Congress mis… [@nickpopemod]
  • Nothing to see here. (Apart from the collapse of life on Earth, that is) [@GeorgeMonbiot]
  • Britain's electoral laws are utterly broken. And nobody is doing anything about it. Nail on head from… [@carolecadwalla]
  • This isn't getting nearly the attention it deserves: why are Apple & Google hosting a Saudi app that lets men block… [@AASchapiro]
  • "Neither Apple nor Google responded to repeated requests for comment." [@carolecadwalla]
  • So many unanswered questions still about Cambridge Analytica, Trump & Brexit. We've barely scratched the surface. T… [@carolecadwalla]
  • "Harvard’s top astronomer says an alien ship may be among us — and he doesn’t care what his colleagues think." Is t… [@CITDConference]
  • "Instead of space, should we be searching time?" #SETI [@timacheson]
  • 1. It came out of left field, but last night's bombshell developments seem to have exposed a tangled web involving… [@Will_Bunch]
  • I'm glad Brits will get #ProjectBlueBook - the new @HISTORY series based on the true story of Dr J Allen Hynek, who… [@nickpopemod]
  • @FreemanStahl @ForcesNews 2008 was a turning point, because when we started declassifying & releasing the MoD UFO f… [@nickpopemod]
  • Paranormal or just fancy boy toys? [@RokStarrMom]
  • The search for historical Merlin. [@g_knapp]
  • New research suggests we may be able to forget about dark matter if we tweak the laws of gravity. [@ConversationUK]
  • Antibiotic resistance is spreading so rapidly through bacterial genes that remote regions of the Arctic now have re… [@ConversationUK]
  • "Milky Way Orbit 19" --Extinction by Spiral-Arm Apocalypse (Weekend Feature) [@dailygalaxy]
  • Very glad the BBC's role in this scandal is now being widely recognised. Every day, by allowing these lobby groups… [@GeorgeMonbiot]
  • Here's my latest interview on the Pentagon's #AATIP program (anti-gravity, invisibility, stargates, warp drive, wor… [@nickpopemod]
  • Important, by @AdamRamsay. Why the billionaires and their stooges want a no-deal Brexit, and how your life will nos… [@GeorgeMonbiot]
  • In my last interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, I said I hoped current Congressional interest in #UFOs would lead t… [@nickpopemod]
  • Here's a reminder of the infamous Manafort-Assange story, with @KathViner even stonewalling former @guardian contri… [@medialens]
  • More...
Newton and Einstein: prophets of progress
Meteor wave -- asteroid activity is increasing dramatically
Former British prime minister confirms media manipulation of government
BBC photo of Syria massacre exposed as fake
Murdoch media mogul family reveal their control over UK government
Did 'dark arts' MI6 agents kill the spy found dead in a bag?
Mossad controlling British military through Liam Fox (Secretary of Defence) and Adam Werritty (his 'friend')
News media manipulation exposed by freelance journalist's Twitter rant
The Insider -- a retrospective on our operations from 2000-2005
'UFO' incidents at US nuclear missile facilities
New World Order New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum
The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you're looking for the facts, this website is a good place to start.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
The US government has a hidden agenda. Every intelligent adult on the planet should be aware of PNAC. An elite group of senior American neoconservatives are changing the course of history.
Who is behind it?   What is the agenda?
United Nations (UN) - One World Government? United Nations - One World Government
UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:-
      "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."
UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
Christopher Columbus - Santa Maria The Prophecies of Christopher Columbus
Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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