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  • Russia at war with 'underwater UFOs' since Cold War claims book revealing Soviet secrets - Daily Star https://t.co/A0Mza6DRDb [@UFOnetwork_]
  • Linux traffic hijack flaw also affects most Android phones, tablets https://t.co/AnxI4ctQ58 [@SecurityCharlie]
  • Chinese hackers are attacking organizations involved in the South China Sea dispute https://t.co/QO2IcVqpfE https://t.co/vpFkokPPx7 [@businessinsider]
  • ISIS using Telegram app to plot attacks on US bases in Middle East – Israeli hackers: Islamic Sta... https://t.co/i9CZvJGDoA #worldnews [@Anon_Eu]
  • David Cameron's resignation honours are a “very British corruption”, says pal https://t.co/CV1AyD7ilc @chunkymark [@wake_uk]
  • Cameron's Tory donor peers have poor Lords speaking and attending records https://t.co/vt7McZxqNA [@guardian]
  • Russian warplanes reportedly bombed US base in Syria https://t.co/Gj1zjJBlWP [@FoxNews]
  • Russia 'bombed military base used by American and British forces' https://t.co/G9ykbPEDuS [@Wills_Robinson]
  • #GMO mosquitoes could be cause of #Zika outbreak, critics say. Those who advised further research were ignored. https://t.co/PBXM6F5Oz5 [@janschwartz007]
  • BBC News - Could Tony Blair face legal action over Iraq War? https://t.co/nyPEcj5JVs [@EllisonClaire]
  • Holyrood urged to legislate to put Tony Blair on trial for Iraq War https://t.co/FkOPc76Cxw #Chilcot https://t.co/eviXSSR6ln [@PA]
  • Following Hissene Habré’s trial, I ask if there's a legal reason why Blair should not face a similar prosecution. https://t.co/G4ewqOjSIR [@GeorgeMonbiot]
  • Veterans' families push for Blair to face trial over Iraq – but is it possible? https://t.co/HuHTsVeAgt [@guardiannews]
  • Recap: Shadow Cabinet member says Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes over Iraq https://t.co/LvvG3YbSP8 https://t.co/lTdvVl5mlZ [@politicshome]
  • Blair's prosecution for aggression is stuff of fantasy, but piece notes other legal actions possibly in the pipeline https://t.co/s1gZjkBu3Q [@DCHovell]
  • Father of soldier killed in Iraq War calls for Blair to stand trial https://t.co/lME68fSZ6H [@standardnews]
  • Front page of tomorrow's National. Blair effectively on trial for war crimes. Chilcot at last. https://t.co/fI2X6vXfYW [@_PaulMonaghan]
  • Chilcot has left the door wide open for legal action against Blair. No holidays for poltical journos this year https://t.co/ca1RDJ69fx [@EmerSugrue]
  • Google offices in Paris raided by tax authorities: About 100 investigators have been searching the... https://t.co/pLzxCI3hEy #worldnews [@Anon_Eu]
  • #France's investigators raid #Google's HQ in Paris in probe over tax payments: Source https://t.co/o68bHsS4yl https://t.co/W1MfsKIFxo [@STcom]
  • Secret court secretly rejects Philip Morris's secret bid to undermine democracy. Good. But where's the transparency? https://t.co/pkk6JP2zhF [@GeorgeMonbiot]
  • Israelis want Obama out despite giving aisrael more military aid than any other POTUS in history https://t.co/1o7i3Lx8qE [@CelestineBee]
  • China just hit the US where it hurts most... Apple. Here's why https://t.co/T6WPtoQktR @zackwhittaker https://t.co/teFgfAYTLr [@ZDNet]
  • Indonesia ups the stakes in the South China Sea https://t.co/slRQax5xw4 [@FortuneMagazine]
  • Exploring the risks of artificial intelligence https://t.co/LhGBHupws4 by @danfaggella [@TechCrunch]
  • israel: The Broken Silence "Palestinians have lived w the reality of state terror 4 decades" https://t.co/ZTnvAvmIXA https://t.co/NXdsOke4VB [@AbbsWinston]
  • Carbon dioxide is rising at its fastest rate in 66 million years https://t.co/sIeFIBbBMR https://t.co/EgBo1QpL0W [@mashable]
  • Geologists just discovered something terrifying about modern carbon emissions: https://t.co/wXeUR5xpWF https://t.co/EQaT2A0bL6 [@Gizmodo]
  • Apple worries that spy technology has been secretly added to the computer servers it buys https://t.co/nmIg5D2Mt2 [@Julie188]
  • ‘Chilling Effect’ of #MassSurveillance Is Silencing #Dissent #Online, Study Says @motherboard https://t.co/FjLVeh7JVl [@francibosco]
  • More...
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Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
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UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
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Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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