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  • #Globalist #elite subverted EU to destabilise Europe through mass #immigration, warns Prime Minister of Hungary: https://t.co/S2nXNu1gLM [@theanalysis_net]
  • Is this Feminism 2.0? Hot topic! Our most popular video this month: https://t.co/ChsuHoZtxN [@theanalysis_net]
  • Is Petraeus violating his parole by going to Bilderberg group to meet with intelligence officials? [@Cernovich]
  • Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0: 'Russia's surrounded by NATO bases and US missile systems’ (Op-Edge) https://t.co/DMcjrCzZxE [@RT_com]
  • U.S. Naval Exercises Off Korean Peninsula Intended as ‘Message of Reassurance’ https://t.co/ugwGViitg1 #WorldNews https://t.co/CFjdiNxzf6 [@Anon_Eu]
  • A recent test on the US ballistic missile defense system shows that the US can defend itself against missile attack… https://t.co/nywLP0fmsb [@DeptofDefense]
  • Stay tuned! Our US correspondent, Ani P, has some new episodes in the pipeline: https://t.co/2GA4IkVNo5 [@theanalysis_net]
  • The CIA's "Dark Prince" hunted bin Laden and ran America's drone strike program. His next task? Iran operations. https://t.co/dPwSf6xkww [@nytimes]
  • Great EU gravy train exposed as hundreds pocket taxpayer cash on offices which don't exist https://t.co/Pv4K20n4R6 [@V_of_Europe]
  • US exit from Paris is good news. US is a slave to Exxon et al and was in it to retard it. EU+China who have less baggage will now lead. [@JulianAssange]
  • China to build secret South China Sea underwater ‘observation station’ https://t.co/q9hmd74Ulg https://t.co/hKOHchDqmL [@TheSun]
  • Fuck off DiCaprio. You hang out on yachts owned by oil billionaires, fly private then lecture us about climate.… https://t.co/9v4s6THM8P [@PrisonPlanet]
  • Why Donald Trump will be assassinated: https://t.co/lun06deTdA [@theanalysis_net]
  • Lt.Col. Tony Shaffer: Deep State has declared war on Trump. Trump's communications team needs to realize they are… https://t.co/PLaUkVdJDn [@PrisonPlanet]
  • "I think we’re in impeachment territory" says David Gergen, former aide to Nixon and Clinton https://t.co/0ZBpHgXF1M [@washingtonpost]
  • James Comey has a memo describing a conversation in which Trump asked him to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn https://t.co/WYE4oGwxCU [@NYMag]
  • So the Russians have a transcript? Does the White House? https://t.co/AurP9i0vkn [@sbg1]
  • CNN Did Not Report Information Trump Leaked to the Russians for Fear of Losing Lives https://t.co/qqDFpRB82n [@haaretzcom]
  • Is it ok for women to be feminine? #Feminism 2.0? https://t.co/jY7HjVJBLI [@timacheson]
  • NEW. This one is for the ladies of feminist heart. Please, hear me out. No disrespect, i just ask for a moment. https://t.co/ChsuHph4pl [@theanalysis_net]
  • NEW! Some constructive criticism of @realDonaldTrump's presidency. Please Share! https://t.co/F2XGdICsPc [@theanalysis_net]
  • Trump warns he will hit Syria AGAIN after his attack on Russia's ally Assad triggers fears of World War Three https://t.co/FAI8uY63FM [@DailyMail]
  • Now Putin is threatening Trump?? Trump is suspicious of RF? https://t.co/XFmk9z7IAk [@maryamericaj3]
  • Is there more to reality than humans currently comprehend? The evidence suggests yes. Facing the unexplained: https://t.co/GKqpKQdhpe [@theanalysis_net]
  • The FBI is now planning a 'surge' of resources for its Russia-Trump investigation https://t.co/05agrI3ueM https://t.co/mte7L9KnJ5 [@FT]
  • ALERT! Please remain vigilant, because bad things are going to happen. https://t.co/UDQ12NuiWE [@theanalysis_net]
  • “We’re living fast. We’re dying young. And getting a lot of great science done.” https://t.co/SGvn8LYc8f [@arstechnica]
  • Russia's unstoppable 4600mph cruise missile could sink Royal Navy's new £6bn aircraft carriers with a single strike https://t.co/aFWCjgS3dp [@4thAnon]
  • The word 'planet' is so important and such bullshit https://t.co/gpm8MMxLVw https://t.co/NG3CCXPflC [@Gizmodo]
  • Newest @theanalysis_net Episode https://t.co/92wGhvCAVS https://t.co/N92qGctsBV [@theanalysis_net]
  • More...
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Meteor wave -- asteroid activity is increasing dramatically
Former British prime minister confirms media manipulation of government
BBC photo of Syria massacre exposed as fake
Murdoch media mogul family reveal their control over UK government
Did 'dark arts' MI6 agents kill the spy found dead in a bag?
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New World Order New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum
The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you're looking for the facts, this website is a good place to start.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
The US government has a hidden agenda. Every intelligent adult on the planet should be aware of PNAC. An elite group of senior American neoconservatives are changing the course of history.
Who is behind it?   What is the agenda?
United Nations (UN) - One World Government? United Nations - One World Government
UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:-
      "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."
UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
Christopher Columbus - Santa Maria The Prophecies of Christopher Columbus
Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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