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  • #California #wildfires caused by an orbital directed energy #weapon test? Not as ridiculous as it sounds: https://t.co/s7bCm52iCq [@theanalysis_net]
  • What’s even better than a video bulletin about the most important conspiracies of our time? How about when it’s pre… https://t.co/ZpEg4LabCM [@theinsider_org]
  • Has modern civilization got it all wrong? Here's how YOU are hopelessly enslaved by the system: https://t.co/XyTUDM3lGP [@theanalysis_net]
  • Pentagon insider: UFOs "proven beyond doubt" and exhibit capabilities "far beyond" terrestrial technology. Video re… https://t.co/L5Q6Nz9ta6 [@theanalysis_net]
  • Happy New Year! We will work on game-changer #2 in 2018! The Times is still on this.... https://t.co/OFSGo6tYIb [@lesliekean]
  • Here's a new media article where I'm quoted discussing what sort of tests were probably done on the Pentagon UFO pr… https://t.co/F6zNcE9Nw7 [@nickpopemod]
  • Front page of the @Telegraph I've been waiting for this day to come for a long time https://t.co/zddjiUfxGi https://t.co/4zMIrf3AyM [@ProtecttheFaith]
  • Head of US military's UFO investigation: 'the existence of supremely advanced unidentified aircraft, using technolo… https://t.co/NUcUAT4piL [@theanalysis_net]
  • @THEJimHarold We believe that this controlled leak is as close to disclosure as we will ever get. There won't ever… https://t.co/cHm6OtJCHE [@theinsider_org]
  • Existence of UFOs proven "beyond reasonable doubt", claims former Pentagon UFO investigator. Having run the UK MoD'… https://t.co/odBYwMtwg9 [@nickpopemod]
  • #Oumuamua: a warning shot about asteroid danger. NOTE: Nobody saw it coming. They detected it a week after it narro… https://t.co/A9ZQRB3r8T [@theanalysis_net]
  • North Korea says the latest UN sanctions imposed on the country are an "act of war" https://t.co/XcPyiSwkhq [@BBCBreaking]
  • I want to make sure everyone saw this - it's about the back story of the Times article https://t.co/LjBzOzft79 [@lesliekean]
  • Apple deliberately makes your old phone slower to force you to upgrade: https://t.co/Gkz3YKgvgY Apple denied this f… https://t.co/imboKh80uS [@timacheson]
  • US military admits their secret UFO investigation department #UFOs https://t.co/lBNtGV2ke0 [@UFO_TT1]
  • The New York Times hardly ever covers the #UFO topic so today is an important day. Some of the behind-the-scenes po… https://t.co/3fof1a2HtI [@nickpopemod]
  • The truth is out there. ?? Seriously. https://t.co/ytafycaZqe [@SenatorReid]
  • Lift the veil. Thanks @SenatorReid. #TheTruthIsOutThere #ToTheStars https://t.co/duyocSHJXJ [@johnpodesta]
  • The Department of Defense has a $22 million budget for investigating reports of UFO's https://t.co/dO4bal46oy [@RVAwonk]
  • So, sort of what you'd expect then. https://t.co/gZrjqQWI28 https://t.co/HCJ6E0Vftp [@thegarance]
  • The Pentagon secretly hunted for UFOs https://t.co/4K7nKO8WcV [@amyfiscus]
  • Is this what the beginnings of disclosure look like? https://t.co/KvQzn6ZySv [@THEJimHarold]
  • The Pentagon has acknowledged the existence of it's black-budget #UFO program for the first time. #aliens #space… https://t.co/kP4XObciq4 [@Brigida__Santos]
  • Incoming interstellar object #Oumuamua remains unidentified by scans. Is this #UFO an extraterrestrial craft? Our a… https://t.co/0UNPX9hfG2 [@theanalysis_net]
  • Scientists are watching this cigar-shaped asteroid because they think it might be watching us:… https://t.co/UHgT2I0oav [@Slate]
  • Even Stephen Hawking thinks cigar-shaped asteroid could be an alien spaceship https://t.co/u22PeEk737 https://t.co/m20LwXeesL [@MirrorTech]
  • Keanu Reeves says that he believes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have the power to “free citizens f… https://t.co/z74r8cfN7q [@yournewswire]
  • Russia is flexing its muscles with mass war games and the move has unsettled Nato members https://t.co/3AREEsRR5d https://t.co/pwwRFJEYkI [@FT]
  • NATO says world war is more likely as China and Russia rise above the West https://t.co/VK7lyQKDV9 https://t.co/gcnkO28xA9 [@Newsweek]
  • #US And Western Europe Could Badly Lose In A War Against #Russia Without #China's Help #NATO may not be prepared t… https://t.co/aSeM9gjHS0 [@Geostrat_ME]
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New World Order New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum
The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you're looking for the facts, this website is a good place to start.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
The US government has a hidden agenda. Every intelligent adult on the planet should be aware of PNAC. An elite group of senior American neoconservatives are changing the course of history.
Who is behind it?   What is the agenda?
United Nations (UN) - One World Government? United Nations - One World Government
UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:-
      "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."
UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
Christopher Columbus - Santa Maria The Prophecies of Christopher Columbus
Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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