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  • China’s Xi Jinping defends globalization https://t.co/l4QAvIUAYo [@WSJ]
  • Investors seem to be discounting the danger of the new U.S.-China rivalry. They should think again, says @abrownewsj https://t.co/LDYr4KqmD9 [@WSJ]
  • Milky Way’s monster black hole is spitting planet-sized chunks into space https://t.co/lBo7MiAWsM [@RawStory]
  • At confirmation hearing, Mattis says he will strengthen military readiness https://t.co/VtReCbWdvW [@washingtonpost]
  • There's a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump leaked the Russian dossier himself https://t.co/ywLFzzUX2a [@Independent]
  • Latest Trump ‘Golden Shower’ NON-scandal Proves ‘MSM’ Jouro's Have Lost Their Bearing, Their Purpose & Their Minds https://t.co/Jh1R3YpbF9 [@4thAnon]
  • These reports allege Trump has deep ties to Russia https://t.co/tHMF8A6POJ https://t.co/0aqs5b4Cda [@BuzzFeedNews]
  • Mysterious Planet Nine May Be a Captured 'Rogue' World https://t.co/wNmBOiWhyG via @SPACEdotcom [@Cosmicstrenght3]
  • US media names ex-MI6 agent as source of the CNN/BuzzFeed dossier on Trump. UK media gets a D-Notice… https://t.co/2CqB6KNupg [@TheRegister]
  • How will the Snooper's Charter affect you when it becomes law? https://t.co/fcFEcAcm7P https://t.co/dBzxmsIqT5 [@WiredUK]
  • Finally, my biggest failure of 2016: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the final UK government UFO files. https://t.co/UiyBNQY5xh [@nickpopemod]
  • @Datt_Meegan Here's a media story about this, which includes a recreation by a graphic artist I worked with: https://t.co/iFGr9Vd7j5 [@nickpopemod]
  • In the 2020s NASA will launch spacecraft to Jupiter's asteroids & another made of metal https://t.co/EkhFTMFeWt https://t.co/QquWXe22cD [@lorengrush]
  • Astronomers have found the source of a deep space radio wave burst for the first time https://t.co/BnVDHrENkJ https://t.co/DYZSl15YQH [@lorengrush]
  • Department of Labor sues Google for withholding data in anti-discrimination audit https://t.co/LT9onhsJ8y https://t.co/jCBJy9CWAf [@verge]
  • HOLY COW https://t.co/DKcTN0gpn6 [@mslopatto]
  • Alien signals? https://t.co/xK8huwLDkj [@lesliekean]
  • And another one...thanks to Alex Brighenti. https://t.co/i07zaiPuk6 [@lesliekean]
  • Breaking news in my latest Huffington Post story! https://t.co/fqYgU0R0ZE [@lesliekean]
  • A supervolcano that threatens 2 million people could blow at any time: https://t.co/CvZVuABoZX https://t.co/dbg8EVO4QS [@JonAustinjourn1]
  • A Swarm Of 250 Earthquakes Rattles An Area Just 30 Miles Away From The San Andreas Fault https://t.co/WVUGulrOpg [@usacsmret]
  • If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year 2017 will blow you away. Help @WikiLeaks prepare for the showdown:… https://t.co/hJMPElrHaY [@wikileaks]
  • Witness to ‘Britain’s Roswell’ UFO incident at Rendlesham Farm breaks 36 year silence https://t.co/guChVwRL5E [@TheSunTech]
  • Google Employee Sues the Company for 'Internal Spying Program' https://t.co/1s141P4XCn [@Zeke311]
  • Alex Jones And InfoWars Latest Under Attack From Google - https://t.co/lkhvBkNRR4 via @Shareaholic [@worrienie]
  • Google Freaks Out After Alex Jones Storms Headquarters I HATE GOOGLE! You think the MSM is bad GOOGLE much worse! https://t.co/FoVdsj2WZW [@SilentM247]
  • America’s Secret Planned Conquest of Russia https://t.co/zhICCqUyR5 [@4thAnon]
  • BuzzFeed editor in year-end memo: 'Fake news will become more sophisticated' in 2017 https://t.co/AivlxZcaZT https://t.co/GUIpoiH3vv [@businessinsider]
  • How Soviets Came to Celebrate New Year’s Like Christmas (and Why #Russians Still Do) https://t.co/fCjvePBH0J… https://t.co/YZK2Na27h4 [@Anon_Eu]
  • China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters - rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedented act. [@realDonaldTrump]
  • More...
Newton and Einstein: prophets of progress
Meteor wave -- asteroid activity is increasing dramatically
Former British prime minister confirms media manipulation of government
BBC photo of Syria massacre exposed as fake
Murdoch media mogul family reveal their control over UK government
Did 'dark arts' MI6 agents kill the spy found dead in a bag?
Mossad controlling British military through Liam Fox (Secretary of Defence) and Adam Werritty (his 'friend')
News media manipulation exposed by freelance journalist's Twitter rant
The Insider -- a retrospective on our operations from 2000-2005
'UFO' incidents at US nuclear missile facilities
New World Order New World Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum
The NWO is no longer just a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, publicly acknowledged by world leaders. What is the NWO? There are many valid questions and concerns, and various theories. We advise you to investigate it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you're looking for the facts, this website is a good place to start.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Project for the New American Century
The US government has a hidden agenda. Every intelligent adult on the planet should be aware of PNAC. An elite group of senior American neoconservatives are changing the course of history.
Who is behind it?   What is the agenda?
United Nations (UN) - One World Government? United Nations - One World Government
UN hints at United States of the World for the new age:-
      "The turn of the century is a unique and symbolically compelling moment for the 189 Member States of the United Nations to articulate and affirm an animating vision for the Organization in the new era."
UN Millennium Assembly   Global Governance   World Summit   Earth Summit
Christopher Columbus - Santa Maria The Prophecies of Christopher Columbus
Why did Columbus claim that an ancient prophecy led him to discover the Americas? If you learned about Columbus at school, this is one documented historical fact that you may have overlooked. He believed that it was necessary to establish a New World in the West, in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy...
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